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Locally sourced flowers and leaves -

 in no way perfect, but in all ways beautiful 

About Us

About the Artist

My name is Cori. I also go by "mama." I am currently balancing full-time mom life with full-time graduate school. I am studying clinical mental health counseling and am a proud advocate for mental health support. My daughter, Willow, is the inspiration for this project. She is the reason for everything.

My Mission

Far too often we over look the beauty of nature. Unfortunately, we do the same with mental health. As we ignore its presence and potential, we limit ourselves as a society. That is why I locally source plants and flowers for my projects. The ones we ignore. Will they be perfect? No. But they will be beautiful. 

Thank You

With your purchase, not only are you showing your support for local art, but you will be supporting mental health. 

10% of the proceeds will be donated to local mental health facilities or support groups.

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